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Virsyn Tera VSTi RTAS 3.2

Tera 3 is a modular software synthesizer based on many different technologies
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Tera 3 is a modular software synthesizer program based on many different synthesizer technologies including “spectrum synthesis”.
Users will benefit from this new versions improvements which include a “free running” envelope mode and a stereo mode to its Distortion Effect feature. Its Amplifier Module has improved by now allowing two additional stereo inputs and its spectrum oscillator’s new stereo output ensures stereophonic wave table synthesis. Additionally, the spectrum oscillator has a new spectrum presets function, uncorrelated stereo output and separate spectrum parameters for two sets of oscillators. Users also benefit from Tera 3’s smaller user interface that makes plug-in usage easier.

Amongst the large amount of features available, users have the advantage of a Midi Controller Editor for easier assignation to parameters. In addition, outputs of envelopes and LFOs can now be used for the signal processing modules of Tera , previously unavailable. There are now 256 presets in Tera’s sound banks and the new sound module has a sample set of about 35MB of samples. Each synthesizer part can control an external synthesizer giving users a far wider creative experience.

Also, handy keynote functions can enable users to get either a different sound on every note, or create a random central signal on every note. Instead of the built-in waveforms, each of the 3 main oscillators can use samples that are organized into 16 key zones and 2 morph zones giving each oscillator a total of 32 samples files. One sample can use the whole tonal range which, along with the above features, ensure a productive, multi-sampling experience.

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